Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tweed N Tartan

I'm so glad that tartan is back in fashion this Autumn/Winter, however recently it seems everyone is wearing tartan pants or a tartan skirt and these pieces will quickly go out of fashion. I like to add a little touch of tartan through a scarf - perfect for this cold weather. So, finally a fashion post of mine which is suitable for the cold! 

I found this blazer in Zara recently and fell in love with it instantly! Its super warm and even though it can't be seen in the pictures, the blazer looks pretty cool with the collars up (how it was on the mannequin). I love the grandad look of pairing this tweed blazer and scarf! This is a pure lambswool scarf that i found on... eBAY for £10! I found a really cool seller who sells tartan scarfs in every colour combination imaginable. I have a tartan scarf in red too which my mum picked up for me on her trip to Cotswold - i was so pleased she bought something i would actually wear! 

I chose to match the scarf with some suede leggings and a pair of old lace up boots which are lined with faux sheepskin. I then threw on a simple MK bag to complement the natural hues. 

Don't you think the outfit looks cuter with the hair in a messy bun?

Blazer - Zara (here)
Lambswool Scarf - eBay (here)
Suede leggings - Topshop (old)
Messenger bag - Michael Kors
Boots - New Look (old)
Casio Watch - Urban Outfitters
Bracelets - H&M

Its quite funny actually. Me and my Grandad both have matching blazers! Who else would rock the Grandad look!?


  1. Absolutely love the whole outfit! I also agree that a messy bun makes the outfit look cuter ^^